Guild Wars 2 Mac Edition

Will Guild Wars 2 be offered in a Mac® version?

Yes! Guild Wars 2 is available in both Windows® and Mac versions. The 32-bit version released on September 18, 2012, while the 64-bit test version released on June 21, 2017.


What hardware do I need to run the 32-bit and 64-bit macOS versions of Guild Wars 2?

The different clients run well on the following machines or better. Your results may vary if you’ve upgraded or changed your Mac hardware or are running on lower hardware specifications.



32-bit Version

64-bit Version

iMac 21.5", 27" (Mid-2010)

iMac 21.5", 27" (Mid-2011)

MacBook Pro 15", 17" (Mid-2010)

MacBook Pro 13", 15", 17" (Early and Late-2011)

MacBook Pro 13", 15", 17" (Mid-2012)

Mac Mini (Mid-2011)

iMac 21.5", 27" (Late 2013)

MacBook Pro 13", 15" (Late 2013)

Mac Pro (Late 2013)

Mac Mini (Late 2014)



What Mac OS will Guild Wars 2 support?

The 32-bit client supports Lion (10.7) forward, while the 64-bit client supports Mavericks (10.9) forward.


How do I get the Mac client?

You can download both versions of the Mac client from the Account Management page.


Will I need to buy different versions of Guild Wars 2 for Windows and Mac?

No. If you purchase Guild Wars 2, you may download both clients and play on Windows and/or Mac, as you desire. If you’ve purchased a physical version of Guild Wars 2, you’ll need to go to account management to download the client since Windows installation discs are not compatible with a Mac.


Will Mac and Windows players be able to play together on the same world?

Windows and Mac beta players will be able to play together on any available Guild Wars 2 world.


Is there an additional charge if I want to play on both Windows and Mac?

No. Once you purchase Guild Wars 2, you can play on both Windows and Mac beta versions without a subscription fee and without an additional fee.


Is there a forum for Mac technical support issues?

Yes. Please post your feedback and issues in the Mac 64-bit Feedback thread on the Guild Wars 2 Forums.


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