World Versus World Restructuring Beta Events

As the Guild Wars 2 development team announced in the September 2021 Studio Update blog post, the World Versus World (WvW) game mode will be undergoing significant changes to improve player experience - mainly in the way teams are formed and matchmaking functions.

Throughout the development of the new system and leading up to its release, we will be running a number of weekend and longer-term beta events where you can help us test out these features to get a feel for how they work, as well as provide feedback and report bugs to our team.

For news on when the next World Versus World restructuring beta event will take place, be sure to watch for future blog posts on the Guild Wars 2 website!

Submitting WvW Beta Feedback

If you would like to share feedback about these beta events, ask questions about any new systems, or find a guild to play with, the official Guild Wars 2 forums are a good place to check!

Please ensure your posts are categorized correctly - there is a "World vs. World" category, and we will often promote a "WvW World Restructuring Beta Feedback" subcategory during these events where you can discuss and share feedback from the events.

WvW Beta Bug Reports

In addition to post feedback for the beta events on the forums, we encourage you to use the in-game bug report tool to inform our development team of any issues you may encounter while playing in these events.

For more information, check out our article on bug reporting procedures in Guild Wars 2.

Customer Support Assistance During WvW Beta Events

During these beta events, customer support's ability to directly address issues will be limited due to the in-development nature of the new systems. This means we cannot change your team or selected guild, or assign you to a team if you forgot to sign up prior to the event's start date.

While we may be able to provide limited support for some issues, we may also be unable to provide replacements of rewards given for participation during these events, or provide compensation for other issues faced as these events are intended for testing purposes and are expected to have occasional issues.

Still, we encourage you to report any bugs and provide feedback on the forums as you play to help direct the future development of this feature. The World versus World development team and other members of ArenaNet staff will be monitoring the discussions and taking this feedback into account for future iterations of this new system.