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Town Clothes

GM Awesomeness
posted this on March 24, 2014, 15:00

What’s happening to town clothes with the April 2014 Feature Build?

The separation between in-combat and out-of combat appearance is being replaced by a completely new armor skinning system known as Wardrobe. This conversion will affect the town clothes that you already own in one of three ways:

  1. Town clothing sets such as the Pirate Captain’s Outfit or Mad King’s Outfit will become one-piece account unlocks known as outfits which can be toggled to be displayed on your character instead of armor, even during combat.
  2. Most pieces sold separately, such as the Fuzzy Animal Hats or Phantom Hood, will become armor skins for the appropriate slot, usable by a character that wears armor of any type.
  3. Some promotional town clothing, such as the Dragon Emblem T-shirt and retired town clothes such as the hoodies, will become endless tonics which allow you to continue to wear the clothing in non-combat situations. 


Can I still mix and match my town clothes?

Clothing pieces that are converted to armor skins can be mixed and matched with the same restrictions as other armors. Outfits cannot be mixed as each of them now is stored on an account-wide basis as a single unlock. Items related to endless tonics cannot be mixed or dyed.


What’s happening to toys?

Toys obtained prior to the implementation of the Wardrobe system will first need to be exchanged at a Black Lion Armor Trader for a new toy before they can be used again. Costume Brawl equipment such as the Boxing Gloves or riding toys such as the Witch’s Enchanted Broom—all of which previously were equipped on the Town Clothes page—now will be used directly from inventory.


I can't find my town clothes! 

In order to properly convert your town clothes, gather any town clothing that is not being worn on a character and speak to a Black Lion Trader (Armorsmith) in any major city. This NPC will have a helm icon above its head and is found near the other Black Lion Trading Company NPCs (near Ministers Waypoint in Divinity’s Reach, as an example). The NPC will ask if you are ready to convert your town clothing. After selecting the option that you are ready to convert your town clothing, the NPC will convert the town clothing that your character is wearing as well as the town clothing in that character’s inventory into the new equivalents, which will be either armor skins or an endless tonics, depending on the type of town clothing. Please note that you will need to consume any outfits obtained from this process before they will be added to your wardrobe. You may also receive multiple of the same outfit from this process as well; you should delete any extra outfits after consuming the first one. You should repeat this process for each of your characters so that you unlock all of the town clothing that you previously obtained.


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